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DELL LTO6 Tape Drives Are Here! 98CK5 J9P18 TKC16 183KW 35P1980 35P1982

We now have DELL LTO6 tape drives for the PowerVault TL2000 and TL4000 libraries. We have both Fibre Channel and SAS interfaces.   Fibre Channel: J9P18 and 98CK5 35P1982 SAS: TKC16 183KW 35P1980 As of the time of this blog post, only the FC LTO6 98CK5 is listed here: 98CK5      

Beware of certain online sellers!

I had to write a little post about an experience I just had when trying to buy something from a website using Google Shopping. I searched in Google: "TJ406" which is a part number for a Dell Powervault ML6000 picker assembly.Then I clicked on the 'shopping' tab at the top.  I got a result stating their price was $146.88. I couldn't believe my fortune, we sell this item for around $1200.00Immediately,...

Hard drive backup vs. tape backup.

We found this video on YouTube awhile back and would like to share this with you. Informative and interesting comparison between backing up your data on a hard drive versus backing it up to tape media with tape drives.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QavarOBke0w  

Tape Drive Blog - Introduction

Welcome to our blog.  We talk all things TAPE BACKUP. We are MidWest Technical Sales, Inc. For 25 years we have been in the tape drive sales and repair business.  We have thousands of satisfied customers that return to us time after time. This blog is on our website http://tapedrivesales.com this website is dedicated to the sale of tape drive equipment. We also have another website tailored to the repair...