Beware of certain online sellers!

Posted December 31 2014

I had to write a little post about an experience I just had when trying to buy something from a website using Google Shopping.

I searched in Google: "TJ406" which is a part number for a Dell Powervault ML6000 picker assembly.
Then I clicked on the 'shopping' tab at the top.  I got a result stating their price was $146.88. 
I couldn't believe my fortune, we sell this item for around $1200.00
Immediately, I added it to my cart and even though they spout "Free shipping", that is only for items 2 pounds or less.  It didn't bother me to pay just over $15 shipping, since I got such a great deal!

The next day we get an email saying that they couldn't fill our order, they are out of stock (actually they don't stock anything, they just find it somewhere else cheaper and have them drop ship it for them).  They also stated that they will continue to try and source it out and let us know if they locate it.  I Googled the part number today and found that they have raised the price to $1058.23

Don't waste your time with some online sellers that do not actually stock the items they sell.  All of the items we sell, we have in stock and the pictures we use for the products are pictures of our actual items and we take the pictures ourselves.  We do not hit the 'Easy Button' and list every IT product under the sun and then hope to find it on a broker network for less and make a little profit.  We physically purchase our items, professionally test them and stand behind what we sell.

I do not wish to publicly name this company, there are a lot of the same type of companies out there as well, but they have bought a few items from us and we have drop shipped the products for them.  Avoid the middle man markup and purchase your tape drive, backup storage solutions directly from the source, the experts, MidWest Technical Sales, Inc.