MidWest Technical Sales, Inc has been selling and repairing tape drive, backup storage equipment for 30 years.  We sell and service older and newer equipment, all manufacturers.  Such as: DELL, HP, IBM and  QUANTUM.  Also all formats, such as: LTO, SDLT, AIT and VXA.  All of our products come with a 30 day warranty, extended warranties also available.  We also ship all product at a flat $10.00 rate to continental United States.  An extra $10.00 is charged for orders to Alaska and Hawaii.

We sell internal tape drives, external tape drives, library tape drives.  We also carry a diverse inventory of autoloaders like the Dell Powervault 124T, Dell libraries TL2000, TL4000 and ML6000 series.  Our Quantum Superloader 3 autoloaders are a popular choice, these are like the Dell 124T and available with LTO2, LTO3, LTO4 or LTO5 tape drives.

The pictures on our website are actual pictures of our product.  We do not use stock photos.  We actually have the tape drive equipment in-house and in stock, we do not drop-ship other companies products.  You don't have to worry about placing an order then finding out that your payment has been refunded due to the item not being in stock.  A lot of other websites don't actually have the items they list on their website, they buy the item from someone else that drop ships your item to you.  We repair the the product that we sell.  If your product is out of warranty and in need of repair, you can get it serviced from us ... the same place you bought it from.

We also repair tape drives, tape drive autoloaders and tape drive libraries.

For more information on our tape drive repair service, visit us at https://www.repairmytapedrive.com

Flat $10.00 shipping rate on all products!

Most products ship same day (depending on time of order)

30 Day Warranty on all products!

Extended warranties also available, contact us for rates if interested.

For international orders, please contact us directly 888-822-8273 or sales@tapedrivesales.com
We are currently unable to process international orders via the website, but we have shipped many items internationally.