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Veritape®  LTO Cartridge Quality Analyzer


VT-LTO     Veritape LTO - no Bar Code Scanner:   $998.00

VT-LTO-BCS    Veritape LTO with Bar Code Scanner:   $1140.00

VT-3592-BCS    VeriTape 3592 with Barcode Scanner    $1600.00

Midwest Technical Sales in the tape industry for 30 years plus.  Over the last 7 years we have used Veritape® in our Repair Lab on a daily basis.   We find the most valuable information Veritape® Cartridge Quality Analyzer provides is an indication of LTO Tape Drive performance based on number of read/write retries and servo-errors recorded on media RFID chip.  LTO Tape Drives are designed to stream data:  read/write retries and servo errors affect tape drive performance.  When a LTO Tape Drive is rewinding to compensate for read/write retries and servo errors the drive will slow down MB/S transfer rates.  Even after Tape Drive passes HP L&TT or IBM ITDT tape testing tools, we will use Veritape® to look at the media to further assess drive performance. 

Many of our customers that have purchased VeriTape are from the video production industry.  The video producers have more confidence in archiving very important media knowing the health of the tape drive and the health of the media.  Due to a sophistic algorithm VeriTape will yield a “VeriTape Score”, this score is based on the health of the tape drive and the health of the media.  We always encourage our customers to back up some files prior to archiving to insure that the data has been copied.

A fantastic feature of Veritape® is ability to report media test results to an Excel spreadsheet.   Each media cartridge test is tracked in Excel spreadsheet by its barcode label.  A batch of media can be analyzed to weed out media not up to par (high read/write retries or servo-errors).  We offer this service to our customers, identifying marginal media; backups will result in reduction of error alerts:  backup failed or drive is offline.   This feature also reduces time spent determining one bad piece of media in large library.

How VeriTape works:  LTO drives collect data on how the tape drive is performing.  Every time the tape is ejected the tape drive will transmit performance information to the RFID chip in the media.  VeriTape will read that data and report that data in a user friendly format.

Hardware & Software requirements The VeriTape scanner can be connected to most systems. All you need is a USB port. The VeriTape application software runs under all recent Windows operating systems.

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